Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PNI Digital Media (formerly PhotoChannel)

Reader N.L. was kind enough to share his correspondence from earlier this week with Simon Cairns of PNI Digital Media (OTC BB: PNDMF.OB). According to Cairns, one of the PNI's retail partners will soon announce an iPhone application that will allow users to take photos and send them to the retailer for printing. Below is an excerpt from Cairns's e-mail to N.L.:

We’re now in a position to add an iphone app that would live on your iphone and would help consumers take photos and then send that photo to the retailer for printing (in many cases in as little as one hour). Think of it as another “on-ramp” to the retailer’s system that is run by our company. So, what you have written below is very accurate. We will do a co-announcement with one retailer shortly, but exactly when that will be is up to the retailer because they are trying to figure out when is the best day or event to announce that. It should be soon though.

N.L. also speculates that the "new thing" alluded to recently by PNI may be an application similar to the one described above, except for short videos taken with an iPhone.

N.L. also reminded me of PNI's recent ranking by Canadian Business as Canada's fifth fastest-growing company (in terms of revenue growth) over the last five years.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan and owner of PNI stock and an IPhone. It seems like a decent idea in theory, but in practice I believe there are currently very limited revenue opportunities here.

The Iphone camera is currently so horrible and low quality that even this week's announcement of a planned upgrade to the phone will cement it as the worst high end cameraphone on the market.

As for video taken with the Iphone, the device does not have this capability currently and has announced no plans to add it in the future.

DaveinHackensack said...

I'm surprised that you say the iPhone camera is so horrible. I don't own one, but the writer of this blog told me he takes all his food photos with his iPhone, and his pics look pretty good to me. Thanks for the heads up about the iPhones not having video capability though.

ndl111 said...

next grneration iphone will have video

Anonymous said...

does ndl11 have an update on this. I have not seen any annoucements regarding this yet