Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 64th Fastest Growing Company in British Columbia

Is Destiny Media Technologies (OTCBB: DSNY.OB), apparently. Destiny Media just touted this designation by Business in Vancouver in a press release. I wouldn't have, if I were Destiny's management. Perhaps I would have mentioned this and put a link to the list on Destiny's website, but I suspect frequent press releases conveying relatively minor information may have the opposite of their intended effects. When Destiny closes another major deal with a client -- or, better yet, starts turning a profit -- that would be more worthy of a press release.

Some investors get frustrated by companies that they feel publish press releases too infrequently, so companies need to strike a balance. In general though, I think most small companies would be better off with fewer, more substantive press releases.


J K said...

The 64th fastest growing british columbia...traded on the OTCBB...(I could go on in this vein but I own it also)

LOL, it reads like a backhanded compliment. Oh well, as long as they perform. They're in the right business at the right time.

Albert said...

Reminds me of a miller lite commercial, where they say they won some beer festival gold medal in the category "Best American style light lager."

Ummm, OK. That's not too specific...What next? Silver medal in "American beers that start with an M and end in "iller lite""? Very helpful...