Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Edeleheit Updates Again on PhotoChannel

As Albert noted in the previous post's comment thread, Edelheit offered an update on PhotoChannel (OTCBB: PNWIF.OB). PhotoChannel's stock has gotten hammered recently (along with most other stocks, of course), but Edelheit is still bullish on the company's fundamentals. From the Value Investors Club:

They actually just presented at the Merriman conference and had a lot of positive things to say including:

1)They have launched Kodak China and Kmart Australia

2)They are working on a Facebook photo application

3)They haven`t seen any slowdown in orders

4)There is an opportunity to get Kodak India, which has 14,000 locations

Clearly there is a large seller out there and it is pressuring the stock, but in my opinion this has nothing to do with fundamentals.


there are many small caps and many Canadian small caps that are getting decimated. Photochannel is not alone.

Consider this. I estimate that on an EBITDA basis, PNWIF will earn $0.10 per share in the December quarter alone.

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B. Obama said...

A new CEO and a new all-time low.

Perfect together, just like NJ and you.