Monday, October 13, 2008

"Dow'd but not Out"

Just got an e-mail from Seattle restaurant company Chow Foods, advertising the promotion below. I've only been to one of their restaurants, The Five Spot, but it was excellent: great breakfast, and some of the strongest coffee I've ever had.

Dow'd But Not Out

As a token of our appreciation to our loyal customers, on Thursday, October 16th, between 5-10pm, CHOW Foods is executing a short term Main Street bailout plan far more delicious than the one the goofs in congress passed last week.

To make sure the Dow doesn't get you down, on Thursday night only, we're pricing our menu based on the close of the market on the 16th. The lower the Dow closes on Thursday, the less your entrée costs--no food on the menu will be priced more than the Dow. If it closes at 8300 (gulp!) then you won’t pay any more than $8.30 for any item on our food menus.

If Chowin’ on the DOW isn’t enough to whet your appetite, keep in mind that our house red & white wine, draft beers and well drinks will be priced at the NASDAQ close for the day.  If it dips to 1250, then our depression era pricing on these libations will be just a buck twenty five!

Stop by for dinner and drinks between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. at any of our joints as we match the economy cent for cent. Menu prices will be set according to the markets close, so for one night, forget about the size of your 401k and CHOW down on our nickel.

Get your wallet off your mind and join us on October 16th at your local CHOW restaurant and enjoy a taste of the good life for a little bit less. For a full list of restaurants or to browse our menus see

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