Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From Mark Cuban to Chris Rock

Mark Cuban's description of his first year in business from his "Success & Motivation" series of posts reminded me of a bit about jobs versus careers from Chris Rock's recent HBO special. Here's Mark Cuban writing about his first year in business:

That first year in business was incredible. I remember sitting in that little office till 10pm and then still being so pumped up, I would drive over to the gym I belonged to and run 5 to 10 miles on the treadmill going through that day, and the next in my head. Other days I would get so involved with learning a new piece of software that I would forget to eat and look up at the clock thinking it was 6 or 7pm and see that it was 1am or 2am. Time would fly by.

And here's a clip of Chris Rock's bit about jobs versus careers:

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