Monday, December 15, 2008

The Small World of Chicago Elites

Yesterday's New York Times featured a profile of Desirée Rogers (the woman in the center in the nearby photo1), who will be President-elect Obama's White House social secretary ("Atop Capital's Guest Lists, an Outsider"). Ms. Rogers, a former executive at a Chicago-area utility and at Allstate Financial, is the ex-wife of John W. Rogers, Jr., the portfolio manager and founder of Ariel Investments. The article notes that John W. Rogers played basketball at Princeton with Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama's brother. Rogers is one of the gurus tracked by the GuruFocus website.

1The woman on the right in the photo is Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, who, according to Wikipedia, was born in Iran, where her father, Dr. James Bowman, was running a children's hospital at the time.

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Michelle O. said...

Barack said he B-Balled all three of these ladies.