Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daniel Wahl Breaks Radio Silence

Former commenter Daniel Wahl, after going dark for a few months, published a post on his eponymous blog last weekend, prompted by a Lucy Kellaway column in the Financial Times: "Bad Thinking".


P Price said...

It's nice to see Daniel can still afford interent service.

Admirer said...

The same goes for you Dr Price.

I actually admire your mental strength to still post virulently after riding stocks all the way to pennies :)

P Price said...

Thank you Daniel.

None of mine have been delsited like SRZ was.

PPrice said...

How'd those $200 puts on POT work out for you Daniel?

Admirer said...

I am not Daniel Dr Price, could be one of your other countless admirers.

Anyway I don't want to litter hackensack's blog with these discussions. But you should learn how to relax and not get upset about bad stock picks. Everyone makes mistakes (Though you made one too many:))

YouKnowWho said...

I think Price is going to be obsessed until the day he dies, which isn't to say he has much of a life now.

His posting so much is not a sign of mental strength, as Admierer stated, but a certain sign of mental weakness.

I think this explains why he is actually so obsessed over a kid who pointed out that restaurant stocks were risky, that he didn't understand that term, and that he exhibited dishonesty on a number of occasions.

Price's sense of esteem obviously doesn't come from being a good person--but from how others view him in relation to others.

Thus, the constant posts trying to knock down anyone and everyone who others think highly of. And using everything from stark dishonesty to posting other people's work to try to make himself look better.

It of course isn't working and hasn't ever, but that's something that Price only knows in the back of his head. And which probably drives him to shout even louder that Munger or Heebner or Wahl isn't great...

Anonymous said...

Ouch! spot on

Rumor Mu(o)nger said...

Newswire just reported
Charlie Munger has been replaced by Paul Price as the Chief of Wesco. In another press release, Warren Buffett profusely thanked Charlie Tsan and Gurufocus for bringing the Wesco numbers to his attention.
Meanwhile Ken Heebner has filed a class-(less) defamation suit against GF for constantly bringing Heebner's last year's performance into focus. Heebner alleged that Gurufocus' Poster in chief Stock-Doc's harping is based on jealousy and ignoring the doc's own subpar numbers and around ten dozen horrendous picks over the last year.

Over the grapevine : Apparenly super investor Michael Price is also upset as he has been getting a few crank calls and requests for dental implant appointments.

P Price said...


Your post on GuruFocus was so nasty and personal that they saw fit to delete it.

Who's the classless one here?

All my posts are factual in nature including the write-ups about Heebner and Munger.

The facts speak for themselves.

Rumor Mu(o)nger said...

Last post was not Daniel's Dr Price, but what the heck, I enjoyed writing it anyway - all in some good fun lol

JK said...

Lets settle the Daniel/Price dispute like men. We are going to have a rematch of the best stock of 08...this time for 09.

Daniel and Paul, put it all on the line again. Tell us your top pick for 09. Let's use this rivalry to better ourselves instead of harping on the past.

DaveinHackensack said...


Your post on GuruFocus was so nasty and personal that they saw fit to delete it.

What are you referring to? Daniel has said he no longer visits GuruFocus.


"Daniel and Paul, put it all on the line again. Tell us your top pick for 09."

In the comment thread on the post I link to above, Daniel mentions that he's in agriculture and the Canadian dollar. Last I heard, he was in POT and HEM in the ag sector, but I'll have to ask him to see if that's still the case.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which damns Price more, his own comments or a spot-on identification of the reason for them.

In any case, I think it's clear who the classless one here is...

Now, back to not feeding the trolls.