Tuesday, January 20, 2009

U.S. Energy Corp. Update

A few quick updates:

- U.S. Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: USEG) filed an 8-k and issued a press release today announcing that it had retired its $16.8 million construction loan on its Remington Village real estate project. Since it was unable to get longer-term financing in the current credit environment without paying onerous fees, since it had close to $70 million in low-yielding Treasuries, USEG management figured it was better off using some of that cash to payoff the loan. The press release also added some details about the status of the Remington Village project:

``Remington Village is an excellent asset in an economically sound area that is currently generating in excess of $200,000 per month in revenue and is expected to generate $248,000 in monthly revenues upon stabilization at 95% occupancy,'' [said USEG CEO Keith Larsen]

The project was completed ahead of schedule in early December, 2008 approximately $1.1 million under budget, and is currently 88% occupied. The Remington Village complex consists of nine 24-plexes with a mix of one, two, and three bedroom units, as well as a clubhouse and leasing office.

The Gillette, Wyoming region continues to experience solid growth following record state coal production in 2008, and attracting new residents through a number of infrastructure projects currently under development including a $40 million recreation center, an $80 million hospital renovation, a $1.4 billion mine mouth-feed coal-fired power plant and a soon to be constructed $120 million coal dewatering facility north of Gillette.

- Last week, USEG announced that it had received a scheduled $1 million milestone payment from Thomson Creek as part of the option agreement Thomson Creek signed with USEG in August to pursue development of the Lucky Jack Molybdenum project.

- Earlier this month, USEG announced that it had signed an oil & gas participation agreement with a private company to acquire a 50% working interest in a prospect in Northeastern Wyoming. In this release, USEG's CEO stated that his company's goal was to increase its production from its current level of 1,700 million cubic feet equivalent per day (MCFE/D) to 7,000 MCFE/D by the end of 2009.

The photo above, of the company's Remington Village real estate development, is from the company's website


Waniel Dahl said...

Another money losing small cap touted on this website.

Stick to the well know blue chips. Many of them are on sale these days, you can get them for 5 -6 times [analyst] estimated earnings.

Paul; Price said...

The previous post was by Billy Tickets although I do concur with the thoughts.

He's getting better at imitation.

Behaps that will be his new occupation after he shuts down his websites.

Stockdoc - Real said...

I am getting tired of this senseless imitations. Seriously, so called Paul; Price woke up at 4.49 AM to post this junk.

Dave, something needs to be done about these aliases. They are spoiling my reputation.

Anonymous said...

4:49 AM would make sense for someone posting from Vietnam. Looks like Daniel Wahl just can't live without the Hackensack!

Stockdoc - Real said...

Yes, isn't that unbelievable.

Initally he was on Gurufocus tarnishing my years of extensive market experience by pointing out holes in my risk analysis. If only he knew my winners!
After I put him in place by attacking him tirelessly on his blogs, which took a good chunk away from my family life (and trysts with my other one (SLM)) , he totally disappeared.

I hope he comes back some day to see that I am still standing inspite of several crash and burns.

Paul Price said...

The comment above is from Billy T. - not stockdoc.

Stock-bunny-doc said...

Do you think BillyT ever use language like that?

I suspect this must be some die-hard fan of hygienist Price trying to impress the master.

JK said...

How about both of you -D.W. and P.P. - shut the hell up, you guys are arguing like a married couple and ruining the comment section of an otherwise great blog. Was funny at first...now its just tiresome. Duke it out on the Yahoo boards somewhere. SRZ message board will be Daniels turf and SLM will be the dentist's. Ready, set Fight!

DaveinHackensack said...

For readers unfamiliar with the folks from GuruFocus, I may have to write a post attempting to explain the animosity between DanielW, Billy Tickets, and Stockdoxc. In the meantime, sorry for the puerile comments you have to wade through here occasionally.