Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More on the Strongest and Weakest Banks in America

In a post last August, "The Strongest and Weakest Banks in America" (which, according to Feedjit, still attracts a number of readers), we mentioned the "X-List Report" which ranked the financial strength of banks and thrifts from "A" to "E". Another ranking system of American banks and credit unions, drawn in part from data in bank reports to government regulators, is offered by Bauer Financial. Bauer Financial charges for its detailed reports on each institution, but it lists their star rankings at no charge. Those star rankings range from 5 stars ("superior") to no stars (presumably worse than "troubled", which is Bauer's description for 1 star banks). You can look up a particular bank, or see a ranked list of all banks and credit unions by state here.

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