Monday, August 31, 2009

Keeping a Casual Eye on ASUR, Part III

As I mentioned in a previous post ("Keeping a Casual Eye on ASUR"), I closed out my positions in Asure Software (Nasdaq: ASUR) at .25, but I planned to keep a casual eye on the stock to see

if Red Oak succeeds in unlocking some shareholder value here. If so, it might be worth considering piggybacking on their next venture in micro cap shareholder activism.

David Sandberg and his associates have succeeded in ousting ASUR's management: "Shareholders oust Forgent’s board". Now it will be interesting to see if Sandberg can make the company profitable again and increase shareholder value. If memory serves, his average cost on this is about 18 cents per share.


Glenn Beck said...

Why start ANOTHER site for obscure stocks.

This one works for you just fine.

DaveinHackensack said...

I'm going to be leaving this site soon, so it wouldn't be in addition to the obscure stock posts on this site, but instead of them.

Or maybe I'll just ditch the obscure stock posts entirely. I don't know. I proposed a twofer deal to my logo designer to design two blogs instead of one, but maybe it's not worth spending any money on the obscure stocks blog.