Thursday, July 24, 2008

Question for Aaron Edelheit regarding Destiny Media Technologies

In the question and answer thread following his write-up of Destiny Media Technologies (DSNY.OB) on the Value Investors Club, Edelheit predicted that the company would bring in about $1 million in revenue in its fiscal Q3 and earn a profit. He also predicted that the company would bring in revenue of about $4 million over four quarters. Since Destiny Media's fiscal Q3 revenue increased from Q2 but still fell well short of Edelheit's prediction, and since the company predicted turning profitable in its fiscal Q1 instead, I asked Edelheit on his blog whether he thinks that his thesis for Destiny Media is still intact and just delayed, i.e., does he still expect the company to bring in ~$4 million in revenue over four quarters, starting with its fiscal Q1 '09?

If Edelheit responds, I'll post his answer here.

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DaveinHackensack said...

FYI, Edelheit says he doesn't respond to questions about individual stocks on his blog.