Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rising Steel Prices Put Aktins Shakes on a Diet

Several years ago, before the juggernaut of the South Beach Diet-industrial complex took over the low-carb landscape, there was a wide array of Atkins diet products available. Now, many of the Atkins products are gone, but the Atkins shakes remain. My girlfriend and I went on Atkins about a month ago, so we've been drinking those shakes for breakfast most days. For years, the Atkins shakes have come in sturdy steel cans, of sort pictured nearby. Last week at Target I noticed something new: alongside the old steel cans of Atkins there were also Atkins shakes in soft, Tetra Pak containers. As of this week, our local Target and CVS only carry the shakes in the Tetra Pak containers.

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