Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Beating Buffett"

Occasional commenter Stockdoxc/Dr. Paul Price has his own blog now,, with an apparently soon-to-be launched subscription-based service. From his "about" page:

Like Warren Buffett, we believe in ‘Value Investing’. Unlike Mr. Buffett, who is so rich that money has ceased to matter for him, we’re still looking to make better than market returns while limiting risk.

Over 31 years of investing we’ve been refining our techniques to allow for achieving outstanding results without incurring margin interest costs. The strategic use of option sales combined with solid fundamental analysis leads to wide statistical bands of high profitability while incurring below average risk.

Our service attempts to identify stocks with well defined upside and limited risk. We then typically add the options component and clearly spell out the best-case and static returns. Break even points are identified and calculated for every suggested trade.

We constantly update company news on our featured selections. We also report on the actual net profit or loss on all closed-out positions. All short and long stock and options positions (held by the authors) are fully disclosed at the time of publication.

Best of luck on the new site, Paul.


Michael Price said...

"solid fundamental analysis "


"well defined upside and limited downside" using straddles - lol

best of luck for your new subscribers Paul..

Alex Garcia said...

my browser reads the URL as ""

DaveinHackensack said...

Yeah, I don't know what that numerical url is about. "" takes you there, and then when you click on another link in the site, you get the numerical urls. Maybe it's an issue with Paul's host.

Anonymous said...

Internet guru Paul Price is the archives has listed those stocks in which he profited. Do you want to see his entire record

Hopefully someone will have the courage to post this link on gurufocus and call him out on it