Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin to Resign from Alaska Governorship?

Apparently so (Hat Tip: Alyssa Rosenberg, subbing on Ta-Nehisi Coates's Atlantic blog). From

WASILLA, Alaska -- In a stunning announcement, Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday morning she will resign her office in a few weeks.

Speculation has swirled for weeks, perhaps months that Palin would not seek re-election in 2010 as she pursues a political career on the national stage. The former vice presidential candidate has long been rumored to be considering a run at the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Palin did not address those rumors at the press conference at her Wasilla home, during which she did not take questions from reporters.


Anonymous said...

Scandal coming.

DaveinHackensack said...

Why not announce that today as well? What better time to announce a scandal than on the Friday before July 4th?

Anonymous said...

Smells like an ultimatum given by someone who had some dirt on her. Resign or else. That's my hypothesis. Given her fallout with her daughter's baby daddy, who lived with the Palins for some time, if there was any skeletons in the closet they wouldn't be too hard to get a hold of.