Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Small Businessmen Prefer Windows XP

Last week I got a packet of coupons in the mail, triggered somehow by my recent formation of a limited liability company. One of them was from Dell's small business group, and since the computer I'm typing on now dates back to the last century (I added some RAM and installed Windows XP a few years ago), I figured I'd finally buy a new desktop. The deal came with Windows Vista Home standard, and the flyer mentioned the option of upgrading to Windows Vista Business for an extra $99. Having seen Windows Vista in action on a friend's computer last year, I asked how much it would cost to downgrade to Windows XP. That was $99 as well. So I told the Dell sales rep to ship it with XP and, out of curiosity, asked him what percentage of his clients asked for a downgrade to XP. He said about 90%-95%.


Alex Garcia said...

Stick with XP and avoid Dell. I have found HP very reliable.
I recently bought a Dell after the commercials got to me and have had so many issues with them that they give me a headache just thinking about them

DaveinHackensack said...

My current computer is a Dell (though the monitor is a Sony Vivitron I initially got from Gateway in the '90's).