Sunday, September 13, 2009

Norman Borlaug Passes Away

The AP reports the Nobel laureate agricultural scientist and Texas A&M professor's passing at the age of 95. Borlaug remained active in the field until recently. I recall reading this Wall Street Journal article seven years ago, about his work in Africa at the time. From that article, this African's prayer came to mind when I read that Borlaug had passed away:

His successes have made the white-haired Iowan a household name in parts of Africa. "He's our hero," says Mr. Boateng, the secretary of the Fufuo Growers Association, who fondly recalls Dr. Borlaug sitting with the villagers and husking corn. "Every time we pray, we pray for Dr. Borlaug: 'Lord, we know he's elderly. Please extend his life.'"


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