Monday, August 4, 2008

Aaron Edelheit on Hemisphere GPS's Q2

In response to a question in his Hemisphere GPS (TSX: HEM.TO) thread on the Value Investors Club, Edelheit wrote:

q2 was a good quarter, that was slightly disappointing on earnings, but nothing earth shattering. Again, I think investors are starting to miss out on how good the next year could be.

Consider the following:

1) I believe that the company will sign a big contract with Agco by year end. This will cause sales to really jump next year.

2) The company is making in-roads into Russia/East Europe. That should show up next year

3)The company has a slew of new products coming out in q4, including a drive by wire autosteer product that has no competitive alternative.

4)The company has started working with their products for sugar cane harvesting. Penetration for GPS is negligible.

Those are just some of the reasons 2009 should be a blow out year. With the performance of this company and the management, and the competitive position they are in, who cares about any one quarter? They continue to move in the right direction and I think one day they will be bought out.

I continue to think this is a $6-$8 at the end of next year barring a major NA drought.

Although we've learned that Edelheit doesn't respond to questions about his stocks on his blog, it's good to know he still responds to questions on the VIC.

Edelheit originally recommended Hemisphere in July of 2006 when it was called CSI Wireless and was trading at C$1.50 per share. HEM.TO closed today at C$3.81 per share.


Albert said...

Is it me or does Edelheit often come off as trying to hype his stock picks just a little too much? The descriptions always seems to be "blow out" "explode" etc. Next year the earning are totally taking off... He was criticized a little bit in his initial PNWIF write up by at least one poster, and he got a little defensive about it. I do not notice that there's frequently a "you have to buy this right now or you're crazy" tinge to his posts.

I know you can point out that Hem has already doubled, but that's not really the point I'm trying to make...

DaveinHackensack said...

I don't think he's going overboard trying to hype his stocks -- you'd figure if he did he wouldn't wait a week to respond to someone's question on the VIC. He does seem to often argue that a stock's catalyst is a quarter away, and underestimate how long things take to develop. That tends to happen when folks get zealous about one of their stock picks.