Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coming Soon

The titles of a few posts I have on deck, but haven't finished yet:

- TBT or not TBT

- More on Mohnish

- Some Bullish and Bearish Indicators on Commodities

- Penny Ante Arbitrage


Holly Wood said...

These previews have been rated

Ebert said...

I don't know, "More on Monish" sounds like it could be a porno...

Marilynn Chambers said...

"Coming" attractive good be "X" rated, too.

Waniel Bahls said...

Expatriates Gone Wild in SouthEast Asia - Coming soon!

(Private showings only - Don't clue in the authorities)

DaveinHackensack said...

I'm keeping the Dramatis Personae thread open, so if anyone has comments about Paul/Stockdoxc, BillyTickets, or Daniel Wahl, please confine them to that thread. Thanks.