Saturday, February 14, 2009

FT Letter Writer Seconds Commenter J.K.

In the comment thread of a recent post ("Singularity U."), commenter J.K. took the editors of the Financial Times to task for their dismissive editorial about Ray Kurzweil’s "Singularity" concept. In today's FT, letter writer David Crooks offers similar sentiments:

From Mr David Crookes.

Sir, You say: “And even if researchers do endow machines with real intelligence ... why should it suddenly grow exponentially ... ?” (“Singular fantasies”, editorial, February 7).

You’ve not been paying attention in class, since this is Ray Kurzweil’s key point (and that of others, for example Vernor Vinge).

The substrate of future machine intelligence is expected to be computation, which is increasing in power exponentially thanks to Moore’s Law. The year we get a silicon FT editor for the price of a laptop, the next year we get two for the price of one. How long before the entire FT staff can be replaced by one laptop?

David Crookes,
Inverness, UK

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JK said...

Yeah the FT editorial was clearly one of those "outside the circle of competance" editorials of uninformed opinion you wrote about.