Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late Scone Availability as a Bearish Indicator for Starbucks

I'm writing this from a local Starbucks, and it's quiet enough here that I overheard someone inquiring about a blueberry scone in the pastry case. Last year, the scones tended to sell out here (and at other local Starbucks stores) by early afternoon. There's also Top Pot1 apple fritter sitting in the case. That's another morning item that would typically sell out before the early afternoon.

The image above, of the blueberry scone, is from Flicr.

1The Top Pot locations in Seattle have great coffee and fresh donuts, by the way. Too bad there isn't a local chain like that here. I think it would do well.


Ben Dover said...

Perhaps your SBUX quotes are stale.

That bagel doesn't look "brewish" but the scone looks kinda "perky".

DaveinHackensack said...

A related op/ed in this weekend's FT by Christopher Caldwell: "Reaching for the Starbucks".