Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Plan A Foiled

Tonight the NJ PAC is showing the touring production of Rent, featuring Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, who played the characters Roger and Mark, respectively, in the original Broadway production. Given all the gloomy economic news, I figured that if waited until yesterday, last minute tickets might be on sale. No dice: it was sold out.

Rapp sings in the nasally/whiny style that for some inexplicable reason composers of many Broadway musicals feel compelled to include (often with a female singer). Pascal sings well though, and has starred in some other roles since Rent (e.g., as Radames in Aida1). Below via You Tube, is Adam Pascal singing his big song from Rent, "One Song/Glory".

1According to Wikipedia, Disney is planning a film version of Aida, with Beyoncé Knowles in contention for the title role. That would be unfortunate. The woman who originated the role on Broadway, Heather Headley, is in a whole different league vocally.

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