Monday, March 16, 2009

Joel Greenblatt Makes Some Changes

Joel Greenblatt made a few changes to his Magic Formula Investing site last month. He notes one of them in his recent column:

[W]e’ve added something new. The site now has description and link to a new website that I helped create with Blake Darcy. Blake is the founder and former CEO of DLJdirect, a pioneer in the internet brokerage field. Formula Trading is designed to make it easy for people to invest using my system. You can invest in one of two ways: either in a self directed manner (you’ll have the tools to easily select, purchase, track and sell stocks chosen by the Magic Formula system) or in a fully managed account (Formula Trading will invest it for you using the Magic Formula system). I am a significant investor in this new venture and have worked with to ensure that it will adhere to the principles of the Magic Formula. (Either way, though, I plan to keep a free site so that you can follow the Magic Formula system in any manner that works best for you.) This new firm hopes to open in the late spring of 2009.

It's nice to see entrepreneurship is alive and well during these difficult times.

Although he didn't mention it in that column, Greenblatt also made a few changes to the stock screener on his site: it now only lists 30 or 50 stocks for a given minimum market cap (instead of listing up to 100 stocks); it no longer lists the earnings yields and returns on invested capital for each stock; and it no longer allows you to screen for stocks with minimum market caps below $50 million. I sent a message to the site asking whether that last change was made because Greenblatt determined that his system didn't work for stocks below that market cap. If I get a response, I'll post it; if not, I'll try e-mailing Greenblatt directly, which I have had mixed success with in the past.

The photo above, of Greenblatt on his book tour, was borrowed from GuruFocus.

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