Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KSW Update

Yesterday KSW, Inc. (Nasdaq: KSW) filed an 8-k and issued a press release regarding its 2008 results, "KSW Reports Record 2008 Profits and Revenue". Excerpt:

Net income for 2008 increased by 16% to $4,239,000, or $.68 per share (basic) and $.67 per share (diluted), compared to 2007 net income of $3,662,000, or $.59 per share (basic and diluted).

Revenues in 2008 increased by 20% to $93,027,000, as compared to $77,266,000 in 2007.

As of December 31, 2008, the Company’s backlog was approximately $62,500,000.

The release didn't break out 4Q numbers, but after backing out the previous three quarters' earnings I get earnings of $1,004,000 or about 16 cents per share for 4Q 2008, a sequential drop from 3Q's $1.3 million in earnings.

I spoke with KSW's corporate counsel Jim Oliviero today. He said that the company was focusing more on government work and hoped to position itself to benefit from some of President Obama's stimulus money. He said that KSW was going to bid on two government projects this spring -- a pollution plant in Queens and a part of the Port Authority's new World Trade Center. The value of the Queens contract would be about $40 million, and the value of the WTC project is estimated at between $25 million and $60 million. KSW should know by the end of April whether it wins either of those projects.

I also asked Oliviero about the long-anticipated Second Avenue subway project currently under construction in Manhattan. He said that at this state of the project (tunnel boring) there isn't much role for an HVAC contractor, but KSW would consider bidding on the construction of the stations when the project gets to that point.

Based on the current share price of $2.05 and 3Q balance sheet data, KSW is currently trading for about a third less than its net cash (the 10-k showing year-end balance sheet data should be filed within a couple of weeks).

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