Saturday, November 14, 2009

Advice, and a request

If you register a domain name because you plan to build a website with that domain name later, something to watch out for: if you plan to host your site elsewhere, but your domain registrar parks your domain on a "coming soon" page first, it can impede your search engine optimization later. That appears to be the case with, which is taking some time to get indexed by search engines (this has also held up Google Adwords/Microsoft adCenter keyword ads). If you have your own site, and wouldn't mind posting a link to ShortScreen ( ) in a post there, I'd be grateful, as my developers tell me that will help with the search engine indexing. Thanks a lot.

To head this issue off for the next site (which is currently in development), my developers moved the domain from the registrar early, and put up a quick one page site for the domain hosted on their servers.

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