Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Mexico soccer brawler speaks

Yahoo! Sports reports that Elizabeth Lambert, star of the clip in this post, "Girl's soccer gets rough", was interviewed by the New York Times about her exploits during that game against BYU: Vilified New Mexico soccer player breaks her silence. Excerpt:

The junior was deluged with calls and letters after the video went viral. Some of those were threats, but others came from men who wanted to ask her out. She was disgusted by both.

The screen cap above, of Lampert drilling a BYU player in the back, accompanied the Yahoo! article. If memory serves though, that shot at least was in retaliation for an elbow strike. That video featured more blatant stuff by Lambert than that.


Anonymous said...

She's probably quite a handful in the sack. In my youth I dated a soccer girl and they are indeed fiesty.

trumwill said...

The elbow was a back-and-forth. Lambert lightly bumped the girl, the girl mildly elbowed back, then Lambert went the full jack with her retaliation. The hairpulling was also in response to Shumway grabbing her clothing, which I'm guessing is uncool but may be permitted.

In any event, I think the big thing is how utterly disproportional her responses her to much, much milder transgressions (in the cases where there even was one).

DaveinHackensack said...

Oh, that's Shumway? Here's a photo of the finance professor Shumway. You think there's any resemblance?