Friday, November 28, 2008

Destiny Media Update

Destiny Media Technologies (OTC BB: DSNY.OB), an Aaron Edelheit pick, closed up about 56% today, on more than three times average volume, with no news released. The most recent news from the company was this November 4th press release: "Universal Music Australia Chooses Play MPE® To Digitally Deliver Pre-release Music".

The image above is of an ad for Destiny Media's Play MPE® secure media delivery system.

Update -- Destiny Media announced its year-end results just after midnight: "Destiny Media Announces Record Year End Results". Revenues up 80% year-over-year, and up 33% sequentially; net loss dropped 56% over previous quarter; profits anticipated "imminently1"

1As we noted in an earlier post, last quarter the company predicted it would be profitable in its fiscal first quarter, i.e., its next quarter. We'll see in a few months.


Beyonce Knowles said...

Don't get too excited Dave.

The total volume today represented around a whopping $30,000.

That's hardly proof of anything, especially as the shares were at their 52-week low before the big 'rally'.

W.E.B. DuBois said...

Boy, that stock doc is everywhere.

Anonymous said...


Destiny Media Announces Record Year End Results
Monday December 1, 12:05 am ET
Revenues up 80% from Prior Year and 33% from Prior Quarter; Twelfth Consecutive Quarterly MPE(R) Revenue Growth

Great revenues but the NET LOSS increased from (0.04) to (0.05) year-over-year.

Just another company that keeps saying how earnings are "just around the corner" as they post another loss in their latest period.

Aristotle said...

By the way...

A 5 cent per share loss on a 32 cent a share stock is pretty horrible.

PaulPriceSmokesPole said...

Someone pay attention to me. I need attention!

Dr. Paul Price said...

(OK, now its really me)

I'd like to apologize to Dave in Hackensack, as well as Daniel Wahl in Communist Vietnam.

I've really gotten out of hand lately, and I sincerely apologize for my inappropriate behavior on your blogs.

Please understand that I've just been going through a really hard time lately. I've devloped several medical problems in my old age, and the only outlet I have is on the internet. Whenever my incontinence acts up, for instance, that really puts me in a sour mood. I don't really have any family left to vent about my overall discouragement, so sometimes I unlease my venom over the internet. That's not right and I own up to it.

I hope you guys understand, on some level. I'm truly sorry. Its hard being me.

Stockdoc said...

Funny, but that last comment was NOT from Dr. Paul Price.

Dr. Paul Price said...

Daniel, I realize that you're a bit doubtful about my sudden shift in behavior, but I understand where you are coming from. I've not behaved professionally or maturely online, and my behavior will change going forward. You will just have to wait and see, until then I'll tolerate your smart comments and prove you wrong that way.

P.S. One good thing about being a licensed medical professional is the ability to self-medicate. I've diagnosed AND treated myself, so the irritability from the afore-mentioned ailment will not get me "down in the dumps" going forward. Pardon the pun.

The doctor is ______out.

Daniel said...

In real life my name is Daniel. And the stocks I used to talk about on my blog were portfolio companies. When shares of all my portfolio companies collapsed, and one went to zero and got delisted, I stopped talking about my stocks, and asked my parents to spend me more money so I could continue my adventures in Vietnam. That's because I'm very mature.

Jersey Dave of the Soprano's said...

Hi, My name is Jersey Dave and I never keep a list of my stock recommendations or their prices when I bought them so that no one can see how badly they've done.

I love to write blogs even though I'd never be the guy who would write one, tee hee.

Albert said...

I'm sorry to feed the trolls, but I have to admit that some of these posts are pretty funny.

Juvenile, but funny.

--The real slim shady

Stalkers Anonymous said...

My name is Paul Price, err..Dr Paul Price and I am a stalker. I admit that I am a stalker and I also realize I have to take it one day at a time.

Right now I am thinking only about tomorrow, I am not going to stalk any blog tomorrow.

(BTW, my stalk for the year- Ruby Tuesday- you betcha)

DaveinHackensack said...

Jersey Dave,

Your Sopranos reference reminded me of a great, investment-related scene from the show. I'll try to upload the video of it in a separate post.

Two quick housekeeping notes though:

1) As I mention in my profile, nothing I write on this blog should be construed as an investment recommendation. Do your own due diligence and use your own common sense.

2) For every stock idea I've mentioned here, I've mentioned the prices at which I bought the stocks. You can find this info by using the handy "Search Blog" feature at the top left of the website. For example, if you type in "Alloy Steel", and look at the posts (and comment threads -- sometimes I note buys there) in chronological order, you'll find that I initially bought shares at $2.28 and bought more subsequently at $2.29, $1.70, $1.75, $1.72, $1.51, $0.772, $0.652, and $0.451. Alloy Steel closed today at $0.50.