Sunday, November 30, 2008

You Pick the Next Post

Here are a few topics I've been thinking of posting about. Let me know which (if any) are of interest, and I'll try to write a post it tomorrow.

- Plaxico Burress: Why the NY Giants will probably trade him in the off-season, due to his off-field antics.

- A concern about Aaron Edelheit: why a couple of his recent blog posts raise questions about his investment process.

- U.S. Energy Corp.'s Q3 conference call: A few weeks late, but I neglected to write a post on this.

- David Brooks's column in Thursday's New York Times: What he misses; contrasting it with Paul Sedan's column in the Christian Science Monitor from earlier in the week.

- Regulation T: A commenter requested a post on this a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to write it.


Albert said...

i'd vote for the AE post, since I'm more likely to comment on it, and have made points about him in the past...

ravinsu said...


Lets go for AE. Other than looking for companies with promising future cash flows in niche industries and then being somewhat over optimistic about their prospects, AE has a very decent research process. Let's discuss.

BTW, looks like nice Q for destiny media, congrats.

JK said...

A.E. and/or Regulation T

Football would be cool as a subject, but Plaxico Burress' offield antics? ...Meh. Better post: Why the Chicago Bears are pussies.

W. Buffett said...

I pick "The Washington Post"

W. Buffett said...

But I wish I hadn't.

DaveinHackensack said...

OK, thanks for the comments. The AE post is up. I'll do the Reg T post later this week.