Thursday, May 14, 2009

Edelheit versus Cramer

Aaron Edelheit returns to blogging after a three week rest with a broadside against Jim Cramer, "Jim Cramer is Full of It". Excerpt:

Jim Cramer is a liar, a whore of financial community, and a person who really pretends to tell it like it is, but actually misleads people as much as he can.

An excerpt of my response:

[Y]ou have a much smaller audience on the VIC, but haven’t you inaccurately hyped a stock or two there, promising that it’s earnings are about to “explode”? And remember, Cramer was preaching caution back when the Dow was around 11,000, telling investors to sell any stocks they couldn’t let ride for 5 years — and you attacked him for it at the time.

Perhaps a little more introspection is in order.

More at Aaron's blog.


DaveinHackensack said...

Edelheit offers some introspection: Mea Culpa.

ravinsu said...

That was some nice exchange there Dave. Good stuff.

Albert said...

D, do you mind sharing what the DSNY CFO told you?

DaveinHackensack said...


Thanks. I do what I can.


Sure. I didn't make a separate post about it, but I did add this as a comment to the last DSNY post last night:

I spoke with Destiny's CFO Fred Vandenberg this evening and he supported Edeleheit's claim that Universal International is about double the size of Universal North America. He also said that he had this deal in mind when he predicted profitability to me recently, but that he thinks DSNY was on track to be profitable (albeit less so) had it not gone through.